Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Solar-powered squirrel has been discontinued

When I saw this on NerdApproved.com, I went right to the product page so I could decide whether or not I needed this. Unfortunately the product has been discontinued.

And it makes me wonder: was it too popular? Is the world ready for a solar-powered squirrel? I'll never know.


  1. if i am not mistaken, and i am pretty sure that i am not, your squirrelly partner has one of these in her front yard.

  2. Indeed. I've had "Sammy" in my life for 3+ years now. He was a gift from my dogs (I think they got him at OSH). I'd been coveting the ones a neighbor has. Unfortunately the solar sensor is pretty much shot, so he no longer lights up.

  3. What?? So it's been around for awhile now. It looks slightly evil. Too bad the solar sensor doesn't work.